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Training Information

We have custom training packages to assist you in gaining knowledge about most subjects from basic pistol to precision rifle, and the tactics that support these shooting platforms. Including basic stop-the-bleed to TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care).

Watch our site and our Instagram for pre-packaged course offerings.


We have 4 pistol bays, a 100yd rifle carbine bay, and a 2,000 yd range with shooting positions to accommodate anyone in any weather.

We also have a 2400 sq ft simulation shoot house located at the lodge. It has multiple configurations, many surprises, and a catwalk for our instructors to be able to see complete movement from a bird’s eye view to assist you with getting the best, as close to real situation training as possible.

Email us at: to start building your custom training package.

*All of our training can be designed to include meals and lodging.